The Last War

“Only someone as shortsighted and short-lived as a human would call any war ‘The Last War’.”
— Celodhin E’owerian, High Elf Councillor of Sulosia

The oldest recorded war in Sulosia was fought between elves and humans, with the other races and factions changing sides all throughout. Documents that describe the events are few and far in-between, having been purged sometime down the line by one of the descendants of Athard Bowe the First.

All that is known is that the dynasty of human kings began at the war’s conclusion, effectively securing humans as the dominant race of the land. The elves remained and were allowed to keep their High Council, but with severely limited influence.

It is often referred to as “The Last War” as there has been no war since that lasted as long or was as bloody.


The Last War

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