The Five Brothers

“Whoever the so-called ‘five brothers’ are, they’ve shown themselves to be extremely patient, extremely cunning, and extremely angry.”
— Orgut Calmwater, human sailor, HMS Shikra

Very little is known about the “Five Brothers” or why they destroyed Sulosia.

All that is known is that their armies were very well prepared and knew exactly where to strike to cause the most damage in as little time as possible.

They attacked with five armies. The Southland clans of orcs were united as one and marched north, entering from the southeast and crushing everything in their path. An army of undead was spawned inside Greenbriar, forcing the wizard-city to self-quarantine, cutting it off from the rest of the land. Deep-dweller orcs tunneled under the Capitol City, collapsing the Royal Palace in on itself and effectively destroying Sulosian’s seat of power. Gangs of elves and wargs roamed through the central lands, terrorizing and destroying anyone trying to form any kind of resistance. The western shores erupted into a civil war with scores of human pirate groups allying themselves with elves, overthrowing anyone not pledging allegiance to the Five Brothers.

With all of this happening simultaneously all over the land, it was near-impossible for anyone to form a proper response. Those unable to run or hide quickly pledged their own allegiance to the Five Brothers, having no one else to turn to.

It is widely believed that the entire royal family was wiped out.


The Five Brothers

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