“You’ll find no greater den of thieves, murderers and liars than Greywall. But at least they’re honest thieves, murderers and liars.”
— Jack Frostbeard, dwarf captain of the Hawkish

The Founding of Greywall

At the height of its power, the Kingdom of Sulosia had tight control over the north and western seas, forcing the unlawful to find more isolated ports. Most that sailed further west in search of new land never returned and those that did came back changed for the worst, telling incredible tales of horror and madness.

Those that sailed south were met with Southland orc raiders, but the orc’s small and disorganized numbers were nothing compared to the might of the Sulosian navy. Continuing even further south, pirates found the ruins of an ancient, now-abandoned city sitting on the cliffs overlooking the western sea. It was here that the founders of Greywall first settled.



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