“A lot of criminal-folk show up here thinking it’s gonna be a free-for-all crimespree from sun-up to sundown. Then they have their first run-in with what passes for law around here and suddenly they’re longing for the nice, comfortable dungeons they had back home.”
Dreman Black-knife, human assassin

Law in Greywall is enforced by the Three Families. Their main concern is the smooth operation of Greywall as this means maximum profits for all. Muders and crimes that do not affect the flow of commerce go largely unnoticed by the Three Families, but as soon as a merchant fails a delivery or sells damaged goods, thugs are deployed and investigations are made.

Anyone else that wants protection has to bring their own or fall prey to the countless thieves, charlatans and scoundrels that make up the majority of Greywall’s populace.



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