Summary - First two games

Starting the adventure

6th of Slate, Year 2 of the Slave Queen

The group travels by airship to Otar.

A mutiny by the goblin crew aboard the airships results in the destruction of several airships and the group crash-landing on Otar, in the city of Mollusk. Guardians of Otar usher the group into an inn called The Only Island.

That night, Otar submerges.

7th of Slate, Year 2 of the Slave Queen

While underwater, the group aids a Guardian of Otar with the dispatch of six dwarf bandits. The Guardian of Otar reveals he is a con artist running a racket with the inn-keepers.

8th of Slate, Year 2 of the Slave Queen

Otar surfaces in the morning. The group sets out to find treasure in a hidden cove revealed by one of the dwarf bandits. After a harrowing experience, the group manages to find the treasure.

Otar arrives at the Island of the Slave Queen and the party disembarks.


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